Saturday, July 9, 2005

Sarkar - the movie

After a loong time, got a chance to see a movie on its first day. was actually waiting for this one.

The movie is inspired by Godfather in a true sense I think. May be for the first time Bollywood is seeing a lead Role Hero who is 50+ in the BigB. Lot of people tried this before, but Amitabh is making it really outstanding with the kind of movies that he is doing. We have seen movies made for Amitabh in his angry-young-man image days and now we are seeing that again with all sorts of new old-man images that he is putting up. and what better character can he portray than The Godfather!

The movie is a very good attempt made to justify the great story and mainly characters of The GodFather, considering that no film variant of that book can justify the greatness of it. and Ofcourse, it is an indianized version. All the actors have done a great job. Abhishek, KK Menon and ofcourse Amitabh have done justice to those characters. I would give all the credit to the director for playing really suttle. None of the scenes are too loud or too soft. He has chosen to use expressions than the dialogues and was able to get them out of his actors.

I came out happy and felt it was worth watching it.

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