Sunday, March 4, 2007

Rangdakshini 2007 Results : Its YUVA again!

History repeats! :)

Its yet another biig success to YUVA. Complete Wash-out or a "Yuva Wah-shout" as Raju always puts it.

YUVA's 'Pravas' won best play (among 19 entries), Best actor among many other first prizes in this competition. The success is not a surprise with Yuva displaying high degree of team work and professionalism.

Some more highlights of the event are,

* 19 teams performed over 4 days, 2 teams of children presented 2 Baal Naatyas.
* Contesting teams came from Sangli, Solapur, Latur, Goa, Waai and Bangalore.
* Vikram Gokhale, chief guest for the prize distribution ceremony.
* After a captivating "Gappa" session with Vikram Gokhle, he distributed prizes for the top 3 performers in each of the following categories:

1. Ekankika
2. Director
3. Actor
4. Actress
5. Sets
6. Music
7. Lights

* Bangalore teams outshone the visiting teams in most of the categories.
* Yuva, a Bangalore team, successfully defended the 'Winner' title it won last year.
* IISc, another Bangalore team, also gave an impressive performance on its debut
* Judges urged the visiting teams to come up with 'better' presentations as expatriate Maharashtrians in Bangalore expect something more from the resident Maharashtrians.