Sunday, February 8, 2015

Reviving the blog with new wave in India

I have been meaning to revive this blog for a long time now and in fact quite excited about the fact that its actually coming together. Since the political scene in the country at the moment is looking forward to the new wave, thought it might be interesting to post what I wrote around the Assembly Elections back in April 2014. I believe that would help me bring the backlog down by a few months for this blog. :)

My Vote is against Vote-Bank politics.
I voted with a hope that AAP grows bigger than Arvind Kejriwal and my vote would add some confidence to their candidates. The vote is really for clean politics and for the candidates that they have brought e.g. V Bala, Babu Mathew and many others. I encourage them to stay focused on what they have set out for.

NaMo is likely to become the PM and that's not a bad thing for now. But NaMo voters, I think, are like those short term traders that look at such election as an opportunity to earn quick money i.e. Immediate or short-term gain. In this case, Security. Because, We don't want to deal with another crisis at the country level.

BJP or NaMo (& ofcourse Congress) still represent and practice vote-bank politics, communal/secular, caste, religion - whatever. Sure, NaMo will bring some stability, economic and otherwise, to our country, but that is no longer sufficient for India. We need reforms and radical ones. Also, let's not forget, NaMo has made an investment of thousands of crores for his 370 rallies and he is sure to bring 1000% return on that investment when BJP comes to power, rather compromised power. In return, he will give us swanky international airports, multilevel flyovers and many other things on the name of development, some of which even UPA gave us, but the gap between India and Bharat (or religions, castes) will further widen. They want the votes to still stay very cheap.
This gap is growing every passing national election and we need to make investments to turn the tide and in 66 years, we haven't even begun.

In my view, the game changer is many of the AAP candidates who have not joined politics to make money and also carry right intentions for change. They surely lack the experience in Governance but they have enough exposure and experience to utilize the bureaucrats and highly experienced policy makers. They also need a party framework so that they can focus on the right things. Today, AAP could become that party and tomorrow, it could also fill in such candidates and any new such candidates with its framework and support. It needs to grow organically.

AAP has been learning their lessons, and It is already the third biggest national party and I believe, they are ready to jump in the water either with power or as the principal opposition.

Today, on Feb 8th, The Delhi elections have concluded, AAP is likely to be at the top on the counting day, Feb 10th.

Thank You!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Voter registration for Bangalore MLC elections 2012

What is this election all about ?
Bangalore Graduate MLC is a constituency reserved for graduates. 7 of the 75 MLC constituencies in the Karnataka Legislative Council are reserved for the graduate voters; voters who are registered in a special voter-list for this election.
Less than 2% of voters cast their vote in the last election!

You can contribute in 3 simple steps:
1. Register to Vote
When ? - Now.
How? - Fill Form 18, take your original degree certificate, take a copy, take a copy of address proof and submit it at your local ARO/Ward office. Details below.
More info on website. (to generate form 18 and FAQs) (citizen matters comprehensive site about this election)

Give a missed call for any help during registration : 080 4931 1234

2. Register your family and friends
3. Vote in June.

Voter registration process:

Eligibility :
1. Graduates Degree holders as of November 1st2008
2. Resident of Bangalore

Documents needed :
1.Form 18
2.Copy of Degree Certificate
3.Residence Proof

In 2006, less than 20,000 people voted out of 15 Lakh graduates!! Register and make your vote count!
How to register
1. In person - Go to the designated office for your area (or one of the central locations listed below) with documents and originals. Get acknowledgement.
2. By Post - Get copy of degree certificate attested by a gazetted officer. Post documents to any of the central locations listed below.

For HAL 3rd Stage, (my local ward office)
BBMP Assistant Revenue Office,
HAL 2nd Stage,
16th B Main,
Near Little Flower Public School,
Phone - 080-22975835

Asst. Electoral Reg. Officer
BBMP Head Office
N.R. Square
Phone 080-22239044

Electoral Regn. Officer
Office of Regional Commissioner
2ndFloor BMTC Bus Stand, Shanti Nagar, K.H.Road
(Double Road)
Bangalore 560027
Phone 080-22109665

Asst. Electoral Regn. Officer
Deputy Commissioner
Bangalore Urban District
Next to Cauvery Bhavan
K G Road Bangalore
Phone 080-22211292

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Need strong LokPal - Letter to MP

On Wed, Aug 17, 2011 at 6:26 PM, office of Ananth Kumar wrote:

Dear Sir

BJP is for Strong Lok Pal.

pl visit


Team Ananth Kumar

On Tue, Aug 16, 2011 at 2:25 PM, Mayuresh Nirhali
<> wrote:
> Esteemed Shri Ananth Kumar Honorable MP of Bangalore South (Karnataka ) ,
> We are deeply hurt and disappointed with the goverment proposed Lokpal Bill.
> We want Lokpal to be a Strong Government Independent Anti Corruption body ,
> which can investigate on its own.
> "Jan Lokpal Bill" has been proposed to support people of India like myself.
> So , please support Jan Lokpal Bill which is effective than the Government
> proposed Lokpal bill in eradicating corruption. We are open to changes to
> this bill, but the bill currently proposed in parliament has to be opposed.
> Since, we elected you, we hope you will not disappoint us.
> Mayuresh

Friday, June 13, 2008

In-flight entertainment system Gotcha

Recently, on a flight from Toronto to Ottawa, I got a chance to see how the in-flight entertainment systems bootup. I admit here that It was shear luck. I did not have to get into the cockpit or any other section where they normally wont allow passengers. It was all happening on the private screens and for everyone.

There was some hick-up with the entertainment system and it was hung. After someone reported, Captain announced that it will be fixed in another 10 minutes. In about 5 minutes, everyone saw following on the screens.

I literally jumped when I found 'WinCE', 'waiting for download on COM1 port' on the screen. I had this funny feeling of seeing something that they are supposed to hide and really enjoyed that amusing moment.

So, I think this is the way it works. On reboot, the client boots up and initializes its network ports and COM1 ports. It downloads the necessary data from server and finally starts the application where you see what we are used to see on flights. Well, Thats basic networking and no rocket science!

But, all this happening in the air, is kinda kewl!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I post an iPost

This is a special post. I am writing my first post from my new toy, iPhone.
Its time for my flight to Frankfurt from Toronto.

Take care

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Being an Ottawa Senator

I am visiting Ottawa, Canada for a conference since monday. The conference got over yesterday and today many of us decided to do some sightseeing around the beautiful city of Ottawa.

We are staying at the University of Ottawa (aka uOttawa) residence and most of the key sites are at walkable distance of 1.5 miles maximum. The 2 main attractions we covered today are, the Parliament hill and the War museum.

The weather was very nice and We had a fantastic time at both these places. I am sure you will enjoy the pics here.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Being in Beijing

I am going back home from my short trip to Beijing and writing this log at the new bangkok airport with few hours to board the flight to bangalore.

This was my second trip to Beijing. I stayed for about 9 days the first time and this time it was only 4 days. I had enough time to cover the main attractions to beijing in the previous visit itself, so the excitement was much much lower this time. I stayed in the same hotel, Wenjin Hotel, Wudaokou. But, The agenda of the trip was different and ofcourse the experiences were a lot different.

Apart from my work the last trip was more like a tour of beijing. I covered Great Wall of China (badaling), The Palace Museum, Summer palace, Tianmen Square, Temple of heaven, etc. so I thought It would be good to spend more time doing things that only locals do in this trip like for example, I used the subway more regularly than the last time.

One thing you cannot miss or some of you might be surprised to see the number of McDonalds and KFCs everywhere in the city. to me, it seemed like the paan shops on every nook and corner of the cities in india. More surprising is the amount of people you will find inside. They are always crowded. Even though the younger population is more to be seen there, the middle-aged crowd is not far behind. Also, you will find McDonalds and KFC very closely situated to each other. Initially, I thought this is more to do with the grudges between Coke and Pepsi than Mcdonalds Vs KFC, but I guess its both. Not-so-surprisingly, this is the safest bet for foreigners/visitors. On all 4 days, I had one meal in the day at one of the two fast-food joints. No more fast food for atleast 6 months now.

But, everytime I would set out to enter an chinese restaurent, there was a push back within me. There are certain ingredients in their food whch I dont like. One of that is some kind of sauce (soya sauce, may be), the smell of which just turns me off, really. You will smell it near many road-side food joints. The other reason is that, everything on the menu is in chinese. Many restaurents have menu cards with pictures, but then you cannot guarentee. Also you can not guess how a particular dish is going to be like, thats a major problem and above all is the communication.

I still remember the struggle while asking one the waiters to get the bill. I, initially, thought it would be easier just by doing the signing by hand gesture, But I struggled for more than 5 minutes to get that through to him. The following day, I learnt a new chinese word from my colleagues, "maitan => bill".

Having said all that, I had great meals at such chinese restaurents this time, but on all those occasions, I was with my chinese colleagues. Fish being one of my favourite, it was very easy for them to choose the restaurents. I am told that I have had 2 of the best fish dishes in chinese food. I was offered to eat frog once though, but I politely declined.

Coming back to the language, I think this is the biggest barrier in this country for visitors. The local people are nice and helpful, but you cannot interact with them due to this. What more, it is extremely difficult to pick up this language as well. Chinese language has very unique pronounciations and yet most of them are so close to each other that a slight mistake you make can mean something totally different. So, on-the-fly learn-and-use strategy would not work. Well, you can use some simple words like 'Xie Xie', 'buyao' etc. But they can only get you started.

but then, you meet with people are simply beyond this barrier and they never give up. I took an taxi from Wudaokou to Silk Market one evening. It was peak hour and there was bumper-to-bumper traffic near wudaokou itself. I was getting agitated as I wanted to get there earlier and get back to the hotel early. This man, the driver, had probably never tried english and it was impossible to communicate anything with him. But, he symphatized with me for my agitation and was telling me in chinese that seemed something like, "Traffic is bad!", "have patience", "One right turn and then left, and we are there!". I could sense what he wanted to talk, but could not even catch one word of what he was saying. The best thing happened when he was switching FM channels and at one channel, he literally jumped with excitement and gestured, "listen to this! Listen to this!". On the radio, there was a voice (only one) doing some kind of one act play or something. I was looking at him, stunned, to his gesture. He had no clue about it and totally enjoying the drama which I had no clue about.

I feel lucky to have visited China when it is getting ready for the Olympics this year. The bird's nest, the stadium that will host the olympics games is absolute world-class work. I was told that most of the work is complete but they are not letting anybody go inside to see. I had a chance to see that many times but only from the highways, pretty far. You will see many authorised shops at famous visitor spots selling Beijing Olympics souveniors, they are pretty nice.

In this trip, something that I will remember is the kind of elctronics shopping I did in the haidan district. This place has number of huge malls only selling computer hardware and other electronic items. You cannot bargain as much as what you would at other famous visitor spots, but it is possible to some extent. I would recommend everyone to visit this place.

This 5 day beijing trip was pretty refreshing for me and a good change from the busy routine. The highlights include the huge fish head I ate and the electronics shopping and ofcourse the cold that I caught which I am carrying back home with me.