Friday, December 9, 2005

Just another working day in the Bay Area...

Sometimes, its just good to write about something common !!

Another day of early morning meetings... that was easy with the jet lag I was going through for last few days, but today was different. I got up just in time and had to rush for the meeting. This made me feel that I am getting back to normal, you know. It was a busy day in office, touching lot of topics and too many things to handle. But, Sergey and I managed to have a couple of pool boards. The games turned out to be good because both of us were at the same skill level.

We decided to go to the Great Mall in the evening. It had rained a lot at around 5 pm and was still drizzling when we started at 5:40 pm. The sun sets quite early in this season here. It wasnt my first time at great mall and I have been there on weekdays also but there was no crowd at all today.

I saw couple of interesting things at the mall. There is now an instrument which you can connect to your cell phone when you are in the car and put it on the steering wheel. With That instrument, you can listen to the voice of the person on the phone from the car stereo speakers and the unit also has a good microphone. The device connects to the car stereo with a redio frequency, 88.7fm. Savvy ??

It was getting colder and colder and for some reason I was feeling tired and sleepy. We decided to head home.

That night on TV, the loreal ad on one of the channels featured Aishwarya Rai. That was a pleasent surprise.

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