Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Being Cyrus - Discomforts

This blog is not a review of Saif Ali Khan starter movie, Being Cyrus. But, it is about one very interesting thing that I noticed while watching it, which left me puzzled.

In this movie, there is one scene where the police officer is trying to impress a female character (Simon Singh) at his police station. Its basically a loong (in terms of camera's position wrt characters) shot where the officer is sitting to our left and moving forward-backword on his chair. The interesting part in this scene was the wall behind these two characters. On that wall, exactly behind where officer is sitting there is a blackboard which reads "Today's new word" and the below that is the new word itself.

The scene is picturized in such a way that, when it starts you can see the blackboard and only part of that word, "DISCOM". The officer is actually irritating the female and he is also moving a little in his chair. Since, I noticed that imcomplete word, as he was moving, I was hoping that he would move a little more and I could read what the word is. But, he doesn't. This goes on for atleast 30-40 seconds and then finally he moves back and the complete word is seen, that is "DISCOMFORTS". Note the meaning.

After about 10 seconds, the shot changes and it is now a close-up on the police officer. He says something and there was an laughter in the audience. The joke was in continuation with what he said in the earlier shot, which I just didn't pay any attention to.

What puzzled me is that, people not being able to see the entire wordinitially was not at all a coincidence. It seemed that lot of efforts went into shooting that particular scene as it involved a lot of coordination. But, the result this director has got is distraction of his audience. Now, I dont know how much sense does this make and then the puzzle of why would he do this ?? The director's job, as one would imagine, is to make sure the right thought/emotion comes out from the scene, may be he deliberately did that?? he wanted them not to have any clue of whats going on until the very end ?? But, I am not convinced with that, I believe the device he used was not effective, but distracting.

If you have seen that movie, did you notice this at all ??

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