Sunday, March 4, 2007

Rangdakshini 2007 Results : Its YUVA again!

History repeats! :)

Its yet another biig success to YUVA. Complete Wash-out or a "Yuva Wah-shout" as Raju always puts it.

YUVA's 'Pravas' won best play (among 19 entries), Best actor among many other first prizes in this competition. The success is not a surprise with Yuva displaying high degree of team work and professionalism.

Some more highlights of the event are,

* 19 teams performed over 4 days, 2 teams of children presented 2 Baal Naatyas.
* Contesting teams came from Sangli, Solapur, Latur, Goa, Waai and Bangalore.
* Vikram Gokhale, chief guest for the prize distribution ceremony.
* After a captivating "Gappa" session with Vikram Gokhle, he distributed prizes for the top 3 performers in each of the following categories:

1. Ekankika
2. Director
3. Actor
4. Actress
5. Sets
6. Music
7. Lights

* Bangalore teams outshone the visiting teams in most of the categories.
* Yuva, a Bangalore team, successfully defended the 'Winner' title it won last year.
* IISc, another Bangalore team, also gave an impressive performance on its debut
* Judges urged the visiting teams to come up with 'better' presentations as expatriate Maharashtrians in Bangalore expect something more from the resident Maharashtrians.

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Amol Limaye said...


That's great! Convey my congratulations and best regards to all Yuva members! The play is really fantastic, and the commitment and professionalism of all Yuva members is also unparalleled!

Also, I would like to know how was the last scene captured? What changes were made to the script read when I was present?