Sunday, March 29, 2015

A 'pitch-dark' Diorama

Honking train moves under the railway overbridge in Bangalore. Camera spans over to the open area next to the Railway overbridge where a very old black car is waiting. Next shot. 2 guys sitting in the car, thats me and my co-actor. I am just about to take my line and the director shouts, "Cut! Get some touch up done for Mayuresh.".

Sitting in an old Black car, no air conditioning, windows rolled up, burning temperature. I was sweating, and really uncomfortable with that whole setup. To add to it, the crew had these huge outdoor sun reflectors that were pointing right at me ensuring I get constant Sun bath in that heated chamber. Even worse, I needed to look in the direction of the Sun reflectors while taking my lines, so need to keep my eyes relaxed. I was getting worked up, and the crew members walks up to me. She clearly saw what I was going through and said, "Mr. Amitabh Bachchan also goes through this Mayuresh". That stayed with me, and I didnt complain for the rest of the day on that shoot. :-)

The first cut of this film, A 'pitch-dark' Diorama, is just out. The most interesting thing about this project is that this has been shot on the film camera and not the DSLRs. The movie has a gem of a plot and the writer/director, Santhosh M P, is a fantastic film-maker who is betting everything on his life for this movie.

We shot this a few months ago and just finished my dubbing last week. For the last leg of post-production work, the project is crowd-funding at the moment and if you want to be a part of this movie, please do contribute.

There are many things to remember from this project. A fantastic DoP and technical crew was great fun. Made many new friends and have been a great opportunity to work some fellow theatre actors in Bangalore.

Do check out the first cut below,

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