Sunday, February 8, 2015

Reviving the blog with new wave in India

I have been meaning to revive this blog for a long time now and in fact quite excited about the fact that its actually coming together. Since the political scene in the country at the moment is looking forward to the new wave, thought it might be interesting to post what I wrote around the Assembly Elections back in April 2014. I believe that would help me bring the backlog down by a few months for this blog. :)

My Vote is against Vote-Bank politics.
I voted with a hope that AAP grows bigger than Arvind Kejriwal and my vote would add some confidence to their candidates. The vote is really for clean politics and for the candidates that they have brought e.g. V Bala, Babu Mathew and many others. I encourage them to stay focused on what they have set out for.

NaMo is likely to become the PM and that's not a bad thing for now. But NaMo voters, I think, are like those short term traders that look at such election as an opportunity to earn quick money i.e. Immediate or short-term gain. In this case, Security. Because, We don't want to deal with another crisis at the country level.

BJP or NaMo (& ofcourse Congress) still represent and practice vote-bank politics, communal/secular, caste, religion - whatever. Sure, NaMo will bring some stability, economic and otherwise, to our country, but that is no longer sufficient for India. We need reforms and radical ones. Also, let's not forget, NaMo has made an investment of thousands of crores for his 370 rallies and he is sure to bring 1000% return on that investment when BJP comes to power, rather compromised power. In return, he will give us swanky international airports, multilevel flyovers and many other things on the name of development, some of which even UPA gave us, but the gap between India and Bharat (or religions, castes) will further widen. They want the votes to still stay very cheap.
This gap is growing every passing national election and we need to make investments to turn the tide and in 66 years, we haven't even begun.

In my view, the game changer is many of the AAP candidates who have not joined politics to make money and also carry right intentions for change. They surely lack the experience in Governance but they have enough exposure and experience to utilize the bureaucrats and highly experienced policy makers. They also need a party framework so that they can focus on the right things. Today, AAP could become that party and tomorrow, it could also fill in such candidates and any new such candidates with its framework and support. It needs to grow organically.

AAP has been learning their lessons, and It is already the third biggest national party and I believe, they are ready to jump in the water either with power or as the principal opposition.

Today, on Feb 8th, The Delhi elections have concluded, AAP is likely to be at the top on the counting day, Feb 10th.

Thank You!

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