Sunday, January 7, 2007

moved my cheese...

About 8 years ago, I got my first ever email id and that was with yahoo. That was my first interaction with the Internet world.

Yahoo has been a really great portal because throughout this period, I have used many of their services. There are about 20 groups that I am part of and have been owning and moderating quite a few of them. The messenger has been a great tool and over these years, the list of friends as grown tremendously. I even have the calendar populated with birthdays and anniversaries, my stock potfolios live with yahoo. When I started blogging, I created my 360 page. I always felt comfortable going to one place where I get an integrated view of everything I need, my_yahoo is just the right answer for that.

But, this only until one fine day, I see a mail from Yahoo saying my password has been changed; I immediately went to yahoo to reaize that I can't login with my password. My account was hacked and I could not recover that through the secret questions. I raised this yahoo and did not receive anything useful. I realized that I wont be able to login to my id ever again.

So, I am slowly migrating to google for obvious reasons. One I dont trust Yahoo anymore and second is google's success. Recently, I moved all my blogs from to blogspot. I was able to keep the original dates of my previous blogs and overall this sounds very impressive blogging tool.

With this first blog straight of blogspot in the new year 2007, I am all set for the next chapter with google and hopefully you will enjoy reading the stuff here!

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