Monday, January 15, 2007

RangadakshiNi 2007 - Schedule

The schedule for RangadakshiNi 2007 is out.

The competition is spanned over 4 days around the long weekend of Republic Day and in total 21 ekankikas (one act plays) will be staged. There are 5 local groups and 2 of which (Chaitanya and IISc) are participating for the first time. The rest 17 ekankikas come from various locations including Sangli (total 9 entires, :O), Solapur (1), Latur (2, runner up last year), Wai (new entry) and Goa (3 entries). The group from Kolhapur who performed really well in last couple of years seems to be absent.

All in all, the stage is set for a great theatre festival !!

Thanks to preeti for putting together this list,

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Manoj said...

Thanks a lot for posting schedule...we are really excited and waiting for 25th Jan evening